Administrative Forms

Forms published by the Practice Resource Institute (PRI) of The Florida Bar may be used “as is” or modified as needed. No form on the PRI site has been adopted as an official form of The Florida Bar. These forms, while an excellent resource, cannot cover all situations. The Florida Bar and the creators of these forms make no warranties, express or implied, concerning their use, and disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in them. Users of these forms should consult competent legal or other professionals for evaluation and advice on particular fact situations, rights, and obligations on issues covered herein.

PRI has always been against “reinventing the wheel.” These forms are excellent starting points for you to develop standardized client correspondence, fee agreements, client information handouts, and so forth. Select a category below to access more than 100 administrative forms in Microsoft Word format.

Select a category and the form, then simply open the document in your word processor and do a “save as” to your computer. Afterwards, open the document, remove the header, add your letterhead, and edit the text – in other words – make it your own!