Author: Jonathon Israel


Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Secure Your Mobile Device

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Simple Tips to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure Keep software up-to-date. If a vendor releases updates for the software operating your device, install them as soon as possible. Installing updates helps prevent attackers from being able to take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Use a secure lock screen. Always use strong passwords, and select…

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Safely Dispose of Old Computers

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It’s important to erase all personal information from old computers before disposing of them. Simply reformatting a hard drive or reinstalling the operating system does not guarantee the old data is unreadable. Physically destroy the hard drive or use a special “wipe” program. These programs, such as [email protected] and Dban, are free and meet governmental…

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Protect Your Data

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Protect Your Data By Identifying Sensitive Information, Restricting Its Access, and Encrypting It. Business theft often involves the theft of data rather than physical assets. Identify sensitive information and the computers on which it’s stored. Sensitive information includes data that pertains to an individual, such as credit card data, as well as information that applies…

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Have A Backup Plan

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Since your information could be lost or compromised (due to an equipment malfunction, an error, or virus), make regular backups of your information. There are many cloud services that offer backups, and you can schedule automatic backups. Backups also help you identify what has been changed or lost. If your computer has been infected, it…