Author: Jonathon Israel


Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Multi-Factor and Two-Step Authentication

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Want to better protect your information? Below are two types of authentication that can help safeguard your data and identity. Multi-factor authentication is an approach to authentication which requires the presentation of two or more forms or “factors”: a knowledge factor (something you know), a possession factor (something you have), an inherence factor (something you…

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Keep Sensitive Data Secure

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With major data breaches being reported all too frequently, organizations are now placing increased emphasis on the security of personal, private, and sensitive information. One method of increasing security is through data encryption. Encryption is the process of scrambling a message or data so that no one but the sender and the intended recipient can…

ABA TECHSHOW 2018: Bringing Lawyers & Technology Together

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ABA TECHSHOW has over 30 years of experience bringing lawyers and technology together. Legal work today is dependent on technology to manage day to day activities, to practice more competently, and to service clients more effectively. ABA TECHSHOW teaches you how technology can work for you. Through the expansive EXPO Hall, CLEs, presentations, and workshops,…

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Safeguard Your Data

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Safeguarding your business and personal data has never been more difficult or more important. How do you safeguard sensitive/confidential data? The manner of protection often depends on what kind of data you are safeguarding and how important or sensitive it is to you, your organization, or your customers. Here are some tips on how to…