About The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute


Recognizing that many practicing lawyers lack fundamental training in business and practice management principles, the Practice Resource Institute (PRI), through an experienced staff of practice management advisors, provides advice, assistance and support to members of The Florida Bar through a variety of services. Focused on management principles such as trust accounting rules, docket control, prevention of client conflicts, and the integration of new technology into the law practice, PRI strives to help attorneys avoid malpractice claims and grievances through the application of sound business processes, best practices, and exists to provide Florida attorneys with this type of assistance.


PRI promotes effective management techniques for both lawyer and support staff in a manner flexible enough to respond to the immediate demands of today’s ever-changing law office environment. Practice management advisors can be consulted via online chat, telephone help line, or email. PRI hosts free on-line CLE seminars focusing on law office management. PRI publishes news articles and makes them available on the PRI website. PRI has an active role in helping attorneys experiencing law office management problems.


PRI has several goals supporting the principal objective of educating attorneys and improving their law office management function:

  • To investigate, accumulate, and evaluate law office management information and technologies.
  • To publish and distribute information and techniques relating to law office management.
  • To increase awareness of professional liability and risk management procedures.
  • To anticipate trends and problems in law office management and to advise The Florida Bar regarding them.