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Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Use as Many Characters as Possible in Your Password

As a password gets longer, it gets exponentially harder for a hacker or a password guessing program to crack. Passwords should be at least eight characters long and passwords with administrative rights should be twelve characters long. And of course … Read full article

Security Awareness Tip of The Day: Always Protect Your Voicemail With a Password

Your Voicemail Could Contain Sensitive Data. Always Protect Your Voicemail With a Password. Personal and work voicemail accounts may contain sensitive or confidential information. Someone trying to gather information about you or about your workplace… Read full article

How Outsourcing and Automation Can Benefit Your Firm and Improve Your Work/Life Balance

By Christine Bilbrey, Practice Management Advisor Most lawyers hire a CPA to do their taxes, but cannot imagine handing other routine tasks over to a professional outside of their office. Trying to do it all, especially if you are a solo practitioner… Read full article

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The Florida Bar Podcast

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The Automated Law Firm: Tech that Saves You Time and Money

If you want a consultation with attorney Andrew LeGrand, you can set up a date, time, and cover the cost without ever talking to him. Andrew, founder of Spera Law Group, is a master at technology shortcuts and, in this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, he shares with hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel the apps he uses to save him time. From phone answering services to shareable calendars, law professionals can use these sources to save them time and money.

About The Florida Bar Podcast

The Florida Bar Podcast is a monthly series brought to you by The Florida Bar's Practice Resource Institute and will feature esteemed leaders in law discussing new and innovative topics. Its purpose is to help members of The Florida Bar as well as attorneys from other states run better practices and provide better legal services to their clients.

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